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Fort Collins is a wonderful place to live, and I believe every resident should have equitable access to all our city has to offer. We must expand our range of employment options, strive for wages that match the cost of living, offer a variety of home types at multiple price points, and be sure our infrastructure allows everybody to easily and safely access commerce, schools, and recreational spaces. We must implement policies that allow all residents to feel safe, valued, and productive in our city. We must celebrate what is currently working in Fort Collins while recognizing the necessity of adapting to the needs of upcoming generations. Diversity and inclusion in our neighborhoods, businesses, and outdoor spaces enrich our community. Progressive problem-solving and thoughtful development will help Fort Collins grow gracefully into a city that engenders this ideal.

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Perhaps the biggest take-away from the COVID-19 pandemic was that connection matters. Neighborhoods matter. Community spaces matter. Recreation matters. Local businesses matter. Service to others matters. Community engagement matters. Public transit matters. Crisis supports matter. Health and wellness resources matter. The challenges we have weathered over the course of the last few years provide a foundation for reimagining. Moving forward, we can make thoughtful decisions that promote a higher degree of connectedness and belonging in all corners of our city and for all residents. 

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Having spent the better part of two decades working with high schoolers, I am acutely aware of how urgent it is for those in power to make decisions that safeguard our future. While taking care of the Fort Collins we have, we must always be envisioning the Fort Collins our children and grandchildren will inherit. We must take aggressive action toward managing our solid waste output, reducing climate impacts, protecting our water supply, and encouraging development that works hard to meet the needs of our residents in the most efficient and responsible manner possible. A sustainable future for our city dictates that we think critically and creatively about current and future policies, with an eye on long-term impacts to quality of life for generations who will succeed us. 

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