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Service Means the World.

With Election Day less than a week away, I had the opportunity to provide one more op-ed to The Coloradoan. Thanks, Team Mel, for all of your support during this journey so far. Serving this community now and in the upcoming years is such a joy. I can't wait to see what is yet to come!

Melanie Potyondy: Allow me to continue work on For Collins City Council (

Allowing me to continue work on City Council would mean the world to me

We have reached the final week before our Fort Collins municipal election. For those of you who have not yet cast your ballots, I would be honored to earn your vote for the District 4 City Council seat.

I have had many people ask why I am the best choice for the position amongst a slate of smart, capable women. First, I am the current City Council member for D4 after having been selected by the mayor and the bulk of the current council from a pool of eight applicants in January. I have already had the opportunity to participate in Council meetings, interface with city staff, connect with constituents as their representative, and engage in policy decisions. I am just getting started and am committed to this job long-term.

Further, I feel confident that my skills and personality are a great fit for city government. I am a mom, school psychologist at Rocky Mountain High School, and active volunteer in our community. I am personally and professionally rooted and invested in this city. I have been endorsed by our previous City Council member, Kristin Stephens, as well as most of our local elected officials, based on authentic relationships built through meaningful work to improve the lives of people, both locally and at the state level. I am a personable, hardworking, experienced, compassionate person who has a real stake in ensuring a happy, healthy, sustainable future for all Fort Collins residents.

Your vote to allow me to continue with the good work I started in January would mean the world to me.

To wrap up my final op-ed of this election cycle, I have a lot of celebrations to share. I am grateful to the super crew of supporters who helped me earn the vacancy appointment and who have continued to back me throughout the campaign cycle. Your endorsements, letters, emails, postcards, phone calls, public comments, lit-dropping, sign-sporting, T-shirt making, word-spreading, and cheerleading have not only communicated to our community why I am the woman for the job, but have also strengthened my resolve to make all of you proud in this position of leadership.

Additionally, thank you to the many constituents who have taken time out of their days to chat with me, both on the campaign trail and in my capacity as a City Council member. I have had people apologize to me during lengthy phone conversations and I always reassure them that communications with community members are, hands down, the best part of this job.

Our Fort Collins family is intelligent, insightful, altruistic, forward-thinking and fun. Moving into the next two years as District 4’s City Council member, I cannot wait to get to know more constituents and to be able to dive deeper into the policies and issues that are important to them. Local politics really are avenues for growth and change for communities, and I am proud to be a part of our Fort Collins City Council.

Thank you for your confidence and your vote.

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