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Representative Kipp Lends Her Support.

Thank you to our smart, compassionate, hardworking State Representative Cathy Kipp for being such an exemplary servant to our community and for her championship of my City Council race. I am so grateful for her support.

Melanie Potyondy top choice for Fort Collins City Council for a reason (

Here's the text of the article, for those who aren't Coloradoan subscribers:

Melanie Potyondy was top choice for City Council seat for good reason

I appreciate the number of people who have stepped up to run to serve us on the Fort Collins City Council in the April elections. With so many great candidates out there, today I am writing in support of Fort Collins City Council woman Melanie Potyondy. Melanie was recently appointed to the District 4 seat following the 2020 election. Out of many candidates, Melanie was the top choice of nearly all City Council members in the appointment process, and with good reason.

Over the years Melanie has developed roots and relationships in Fort Collins – especially in the area served by District 4. As a school psychologist, Melanie brings a unique perspective and skill set to our City Council. Melanie is smart, organized and works well with all kinds of people. Melanie is an exceptionally valuable member of our City Council and I appreciate her desire and willingness to serve our community in this role.

I have known Melanie for years, first from my work as a member of the Poudre school board and more recently in my current role as a state representative, I have observed Melanie’s political work, service and advocacy actions in our community. She is actively engaged and effective in supporting causes she cares about.

I hope you will join me in supporting Melanie Potyondy to continue serving Fort Collins in the District 4 seat on City Council. She cares about Fort Collins and will do an excellent job representing her constituents.

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