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Public Educators Make Great Leaders.

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I have been a school psychologist in the public schools for the past 15 years and so many of my values have been shaped by my profession. Beyond being able to support students in such an important way, one of the great joys of being a public educator is getting to collaborate with a great many gifted, passionate, dedicated teachers. This week, The Coloradoan ran a recommendation from one of the best of the best, Mr. Kurt Knierim. Thanks, Kurt, for supporting me on this journey!

Melanie Potyondy has deep, abiding care for Fort Collins community (

Here's the text of the article, for those who aren't Coloradoan subscribers:

Melanie Potyondy has deep, abiding care and concern for Fort Collins community

There are those people who are naturally servants and stewards of those around them. Melanie Potyondy is one of those rare individuals.

I have had the great fortune to be a colleague of Dr. Potyondy for several years at Rocky Mountain High School.

During that time, I have seen a person who holds a deep and abiding care and concern for her community and those around her. Not only has she helped scores of students grow up as whole and compassionate people, but she has also taken care of those she works with. More often than not, it is Melanie who takes the time to write an encouraging note or provide an encouraging word to those around her. This speaks volumes about her character. Not only is this character seen in her relationships, but also in her governance.

As a member of City Council, she takes the extra time to study the issues and become informed so that we who live in the city may benefit. She works with other members of the council, fostering consensus. Melanie embodies the “enlightened statesman” that I encourage my students to look for when we analyze Federalist 10 in civics class.

She will listen and act for all those she serves. She will work tirelessly for the common good of all people in Fort Collins, regardless of economic station, gender, race or religion. Please join me in supporting Dr. Melanie Potyondy for City Council District 4.

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