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Let's Talk Mental Health.

As one might expect from a school psychologist, I am deeply invested in understanding and addressing the mental health needs of individuals and communities. My training and experience allow me to listen to and guide individuals toward positive growth. My career has also prepared me to be an excellent City Councilmember! School psychologists are empathic, systems-oriented, data-driven, and grounded in developmental and behavioral science. We care about people, are leaders, are experienced plan-makers, and know how to react to crises.

Next week, I will be holding an online meet-and-greet, during which I will highlight how my mental health background enhances my performance on Council and participate in a Q & A about attendees' experiences and needs in the behavioral health arena. Special thanks to my co-hosts, Laurie Klith, Executive Director for The Center for Family Outreach, psychiatrist Dr. Jillian Busch, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Tricia Van Horssen. I hope you all can join us!

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