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Community is Everything.

When I moved back to Fort Collins with my family six years ago, it just so happened that three families with similarly-aged children were also soon-to-arrive on our street. These neighbors, along with the wonderful folks who were already established in our little corner of southwest FoCo and those who have arrived thereafter, have become a second family for me, my husband, and our boys. We support one another during tough times (ahem, COVID), celebrate each other's successes, supervise each other's children, share tools and help one another with DIY projects, celebrate milestones, organize holiday gatherings, and so much more. One of the reasons I am so invested in being a strong City Councilmember is my personal investment in taking care of these people and the neighborhood "families" my constituents elsewhere in District 4 have generated or are yet to build. Thanks to my wonderful next door neighbor, Medora, for writing this op-ed of support in this weekend's Coloradoan.

Melanie Potyondy, Fort Collins City Council member, is community-driven (

Melanie Potyondy is community-driven

I write to express my enthusiastic support for council woman Melanie Potyondy.

I’ve known Melanie since 2015. She has been my neighbor and friend. Our children are the same ages and the best of friends. I have seen Melanie evolve from a concerned citizen to an agent of change.

Melanie is a community focused and driven individual. Her actions directly benefit our community. Melanie crowd-sourced and spearheaded fixing the Quail Hollow neighborhood sign, including Rocky students who participated through a vocational program for students with disabilities. Melanie also built a little free library in Quail Hollow, a book exchange that was very much needed during the pandemic. Neighbors stop frequently to exchange books in a COVID-safe manner.

She encourages civic engagement by her involvement in get-out-the-vote events – this includes facilitating question-and-answer sessions about ballot issues, calling to remind folks to vote, and answering questions about the voting process. Melanie has given several presentations for audiences ranging from high school to graduate school about the importance of civic engagement and maintaining dialogue with local legislators. Melanie has advocated for equity and social justice issues.

Melanie is smart, professional and dedicated to her community. She carefully considers and researches issues large and small. She is everything a council person should be. I heartily endorse and support Melanie for the District 4 position. Her clear and conscientious decision making will benefit me and my community.

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