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Commissioner Stephens Weighs In.

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

This Sunday, The Coloradoan ran an op-ed from County Commissioner Kristin Stephens in support of my District 4 Council race. I am honored to have Kristin's support!

Melanie Potyondy, running for Fort Collins City Council, knows the need (

Here's the text of the article, for those who aren't Coloradoan subscribers:

Melanie Potyondy understands what Fort Collins families are facing

On Jan. 12, the Fort Collins City Council chose Melanie Potyondy from a pool of eight candidates to fill the vacant seat for District 4. I served in this seat for almost six years and was delighted that Melanie would now be representing Southwest Fort Collins. In fact, Melanie was the first person to call me to express interest in running for this seat.

I first met Melanie when she attended City Works 101 to learn about city government and was immediately impressed by her intelligence, warmth and interest in city government. After finishing City Works, she served on the city’s Women’s Commission, where she promoted women’s health and affordable child care and brought awareness to issues like domestic violence.

Melanie has always had a passion for serving others and works as a school psychologist at Rocky Mountain High School; for years she has been helping families in our community deal with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Melanie understands the many pressures and struggles facing families in District 4 and across the city because she deals with these issues every day. And although she has only served on council for a short time, Melanie has shown a remarkable aptitude for the position. Melanie has proven that she is committed to standing up for our community values like livability, affordable housing, and environmental health.

I hope you will join me in voting for my council member, Melanie Potyondy, for City Council in District 4.

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