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Commissioner Shadduck-McNally is on Team Mel.

I am proud to consider Larimer County Commissioner Jody Shadduck-McNally to be a colleague, mentor, and friend. She works incredibly hard for our community and cares deeply about her constituents. Thanks to Jody for writing this supportive op-ed for The Coloradoan this week!

Melanie Potyondy will serve Fort Collins City Council with grit, compassion (

As we approach the April 2021 Fort Collins municipal election, I want to encourage voters to support city councilwoman Melanie Potyondy’s campaign to retain her District 4 seat.

I have known Melanie for several years and have always been impressed by her leadership skills. Whether it be through lending her expertise as a psychologist to the county’s Mental Health Initiative, working with her state representative to pass public education legislation, or encouraging civic engagement among her neighbors, Melanie consistently advocates for a strong, equitable community. I was proud to watch the wellspring of support she received in her bid to fill the vacated City Council seat and know she is the right woman for the job.

Melanie has not only gained the backing of community leaders, but she has built a strong network of supporters in her neighborhood and district. When I attended outdoor get-out-the-vote activities hosted by Melanie this past summer, dozens attended, stating that, if Melanie was involved, the events must be important. They described her as their “go-to” person, knowledgeable, helpful, and generous – all sentiments I agree with.

Melanie is an insightful, inquisitive, community-minded leader who will make Fort Collins proud as she continues in her position on City Council. She will represent District 4 with compassion, grit and sound judgment. Please exercise your right to vote and vote for council member Potyondy in April. Thank you.

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