A Voice from District Four.

Leah Goodrich is a friend, colleague (one of our amazing PSD occupational therapists), constituent, single mom, and all-around amazing Fort Collins resident. Her willingness to vouch for me means so much. Thanks to Leah for taking the time to support my City Council race in The Coloradoan.

Melanie Potyondy knows Fort Collins community, serves it well (coloradoan.com)

Melanie Potyondy knows Fort Collins community, serves it well

As a working single mom and District 4 resident, I believe council woman Melanie Potyondy was the best choice to fill Kristin Stephens' vacated seat in January and that she should continue to represent southwest Fort Collins after the election.

Melanie does not just reside in southwest Fort Collins, she embodies its values. Whether through working at our neighborhood high school, volunteering in organizations that improve our community or providing resources to neighbors, she makes our city a better place. She demonstrates the ideals, work ethic and perspective we need to care for our community now and into the future.

Knowing Melanie personally, I know she wants to see all residents, no matter their background, feel welcomed and be successful. She wants to make sure people's basic needs, including their physical and mental health, are addressed, so they can fully access our city. She wants to take care of our climate and environment to benefit future generations. She has her own children and supports District 4's young people every day, giving her unique insight into what her constituents need and want.

Melanie is approachable and open-minded, and sees the best in all of us. She takes time to organize ways to honor and appreciate others because she believes that a community of people is stronger when they are seen, heard and recognized as equals.

I strongly support Melanie's campaign to maintain her seat on the Fort Collins City Council, and I urge voters to do the same on April 6.

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